Signed Athletes Become Brand Spokespersons

Professional oral care brand Yaeason officially signed the world marathon champion Zhang Qingle, and the world parkour champion Lin Yitong as the new brand image ambassador, this cooperation not only indicates that the Yaeason brand image has been further improved but also shows that the two will work together, with the strength to create more achievements, inject a steady stream of new energy for the future.

Through this signing endorsement to promote brand exposure, the promotion of our brand has an immediate effect. To obtain more publicity opportunities, thereby contributing to the rapid promotion of our brand awareness, expanding influence, and improving the recognition rate of products in the audience.

Signing the brand spokesperson is the output of the public image of the enterprise. The personality image and temperament type of athletes can directly show our brand positioning and enrich the brand connotation. Choosing athletes whose image and temperament match their own to endorse our products can not only show our corporate strength, but also provide strong brand endorsement in channel expansion, empower corporate brands, and achieve the effect of expanding brand marketing.

Athlete endorsements have a significant and far-reaching impact on our brand marketing. A good advertising campaign can establish a close association between athletes and brands in the memory of consumers so that when they see the athletes themselves, they will think of the products they endorse, and play a role in continuing the advertising effect and maintaining brand exposure.

As one of the domestic professional oral care brands, Yaeason has always insisted on using international standards to make products, leading the development of the oral care products industry with advanced research and development technology and excellent quality, continuous innovation, and breakthrough to meet the needs of consumers, and the spirit of unremitting efforts to fight with the world champions, perfect fit.

A new starting point, a new future Yaeason invites you to join hands with Lin Yitong and Zhang Qingle to continuously hone and improve their own strength, show their own style in different fields, and create a new chapter in life.


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