Sales Team Quality Development Activities

On July 6-7, 2023, in order to enhance mutual understanding between the China Han oral sales team, enhance team cohesion, cultivate the sense of struggle and the spirit of struggle, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality and practical ability, under the leadership of the chairman and manager, colleagues and trainees from various sales departments participated in the expansion activity.

Outward Bound is about building effective teams. Many colleagues may suffer from common team problems such as lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of responsibility, and disregard for results. Through this quality development training, our colleagues can thoroughly understand the methods and skills of high-performance team building. This outward-bound training incorporates rich interactive elements, enabling participating colleagues to establish confidence, explore their potential, and cultivate teamwork spirit through diverse, interesting, and challenging experience projects.

In order to better stimulate the potential and sales awareness of sales colleagues, the development of this training is to improve the comprehensive quality and ability of sales colleagues. The focus is on bearing pressure, resolving pressure, improving endurance, stimulating potential, putting down the burden of life and work, and putting in work with a more positive attitude to cooperate with the development of the enterprise. Employees experience, get personal feelings, and experience, through encouragement and guidance, so that sales colleagues get the shock in the heart, and sublimation, to achieve the effect of development training needs.

Through the carefully designed experience of expansion activities, sales colleagues can face real problems such as mental fragility and teamwork, and help new people to give up their inherent ideas, change their mentality, learn to listen, take the initiative, and focus on the team from the experience of success and failure, and stimulate their own motivation and potential to join the enterprise.

Through quality development training to convey the spirit of “China Han”, interpretation of team cohesion and brilliance, in this way to encourage everyone to encourage everyone to be confident in Sino-Han, improve themselves, and serve the team, in the past and future, we still hand in hand, meet the storm, embrace the future, create brilliance!


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