7 Days Teeth Whitening Gel

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Oral Hygiene Cleaning Serum Mild Remove Plaque Stains Fast Brighten Tooth Essence No Bleaching Teeth Whitening Gel

Produce name
Private Label Oral Hygiene Cleaning Serum mild Remove Plaque Stains fast brighten tooth Essence no Bleaching Teeth Whitening Gel
Remove Plaque Stains, whitening tooth, oral care
Sea salt mint
Transparent gel
Net weight
7pc/inner box, 4box/outer box, 50outer box/ctn
water, glycerin, ethanol, sodium phytate, carbomer 940, xylitol, phytic acid, nicotinamide, cuttlefish bone meal, Lactobacillus
paracasei, dumiphene, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, flavor
This product is a whitening gel dedicated to teeth. It can cover the surface of teeth at 360 degrees without dead ends, helping to quickly soften various stubborn stains such as tea stains and tobacco stains, and reproduce bright and white teeth. The ingredients use unique plant whitening ingredients phytic acid and sodium phytate to gently whiten teeth, and do not contain bleaching ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorite, so it can be used with confidence every day. It also specially added oral probiotics and tooth-fixing and gum-protecting formula, whitening and protecting teeth and oral health at the same time.
Age group
People over 16 years old (not applicable to pregnant women)
Usage method
1. Gargle your mouth with water, keep your mouth free of foreign bodies
2. Apply teeth whitening serum to the surface of the teeth
3. Keep the mouth closed for 5-10 minutes
4. After rinsing your mouth with water, brushing your teeth normally
OEM, ODM, Private label
1. products certified by ISO, MSDS

2. professional R&D team can support you to develop new products
3. certified quality control system, the third party inspection is available



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