Huizhou “Double Moon Bay” Two-Day Tour

May 28, 2023, in busy work, everyone hopes to have a chance to relax their body and mind. In order to bring a better working experience to employees, the company decided to arrange an unforgettable welfare activity for everyone – Huizhou Double Moon Bay two-day tour.

Huizhou Double Moon Bay: located in Huizhou, Guangdong province, is famous for its beautiful beaches and romantic moonlight. This two-day tour will allow you to feel the charm of nature, relax and relieve stress.

On the first day, we will take a limousine bus to Double Moon Bay. The picturesque scenery along the way, the landscape alternates with mountains and rivers, making people relaxed and happy. When we arrived at our destination, we were amazed by the beauty of Double Moon Bay. The blue water and the white sand are set against each other, making you feel like you are in heaven.

In Double Moon Bay, we will stay at a luxury resort hotel. The hotel’s elegant environment and well-equipped facilities provide us with comfortable living conditions. Here, we can enjoy the sun and the beach, swim in the sea, and feel the embrace of the sea breeze. At the same time, the hotel also provides a variety of water activities, such as sailing, kayaking, etc., so that everyone can enjoy the fun of water sports.

In addition to the beach activities, we will also visit the famous local attraction, the Double Moon Bay Lighthouse. This lighthouse rises to the sky, like the guardian of the entire Double Moon Bay. Climbing the lighthouse and overlooking the Bay Area is refreshing as if you were in a fairyland.

In the evening, we will have a big bonfire party. Light a bonfire on the beach and sit together, where everyone can freely share their stories and moods. At the same time, there are wonderful performances and games waiting for everyone to make our evening more lively and memorable.

The next day, we will participate in an exciting sea rafting activity. Take a speedboat and experience speed and passion under the impact of the waves. It will be a thrilling adventure, giving us unlimited courage and the opportunity to challenge ourselves.

On the way back, we’ll pass through the towns around Double Moon Bay. There are simple buildings and unique customs here, let people feel like being in the ancient Jiangnan water town. We can taste the local special snacks, buy some souvenirs and leave good memories.

Through this two-day tour of Huizhou Double Moon Bay, we can not only relieve work pressure, and relax our body and mind, but also feel the beauty and power of nature. This welfare activity is not only a reward for our hard work but also an incentive for us to continue our efforts. Let’s spend this unforgettable time together and create a better tomorrow together!


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