28th Dental South China Exhibition 2023

From February 23rd to 26th, 2023, our company participated in the South China International Oral Care Exhibition held in Guangzhou, China. During the exhibition, we showcased a range of products including toothpaste, solid toothpaste tablets, mouthwash, toothbrushes, tooth powder, oral sprays, and dental floss sticks. Among these, we introduced our new oral care sets: orthodontic care set and dental implant care set, which will be available for sale in dental clinics.

At the exhibition, many dentists showed great interest in our oral care sets. After understanding our products, they expressed that our products can help patients achieve comprehensive oral cleanliness and maintain dental health. They hoped to sell our oral care sets in their own clinics.

The innovative feature of our orthodontic care set is its tailored design for individuals wearing braces. It includes a special toothpaste formulated to prevent plaque and tartar buildup around braces, a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid hurting sensitive gums, and dental floss sticks designed to easily navigate around braces. This comprehensive set aims to provide effective cleaning and oral care during orthodontic treatment.

During the exhibition, we conducted interactive product demonstrations and engaged in discussions with dentists regarding the benefits and features of our oral care sets. Dentists appreciated the convenience and effectiveness of our products in addressing specific oral health needs. They emphasized the importance of promoting comprehensive oral care to patients, which goes beyond regular brushing and flossing.

Furthermore, dentists highlighted the significance of offering such oral care sets in their clinics, as it not only adds value to their services but also ensures that patients receive professional guidance on using the products correctly. They recognized the potential of these sets to improve oral health outcomes for their patients undergoing orthodontic treatment or with dental implants.

Based on the positive feedback and interest received during the exhibition, we are encouraged to proceed with the production and distribution of our oral care sets. We will collaborate with dental clinics to make these sets easily accessible to individuals seeking optimal oral care.

In conclusion, the South China International Oral Care Exhibition provided us with an excellent platform to introduce our new oral care sets, specifically designed for orthodontic care and dental implant maintenance. The positive response from dentists regarding the usefulness and effectiveness of our products reinforces our commitment to promoting comprehensive oral health and catering to specific oral care needs. We are excited about the potential impact that our oral care sets can have in improving oral hygiene practices and maintaining dental health for patients.


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