We can accept OEM/ODM customization

R&D Capability

We can resarch and design different customers

High Quality

23 years of experience in oral products

Our Products

Our company is committed to producing Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Floss picks, Tooth Whitening Gel, and Oral Spray. The annual output of toothpaste can reach 250 million tubes, the annual output of toothbrush can reach 120 million tubes, the annual output of Mouthwash can reach 13 million bottles, the annual output of tooth powder can reach 5 million boxes, and the annual output of oral spray can reach 20 million tubes.

Top Picks

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We sincerely invite you to par

21 10 月, 2023

Proper brushing methods can effectively remove dental plaque, prevent periodontal disease, and maintain oral health We should choose the toothbrush that suit us

24 8 月, 2023

Mouthwash is a common oral cleaning product, and its main role is to help clean the mouth and remove food debris, bacteria and odors from the mouth.

22 8 月, 2023

Toothpaste belongs to one of t

21 8 月, 2023

Need help in choosing the right processing service?

We can provide you with OEM service. The products can be done as a sample for you as your requirements. And you can choose the flavor and color you wanted.

Your private logo and packing design are acceptable. You can also provide the material and packing material for us to process.

Our manufacturer is a member of the China Oral Cleaning Care Product Industry Association, a member of Guangdong Daily Chemicals Chamber Of Commerce, and a Member of the Huaji Charity Academy Sponsor.

Our company’s own brands: Oralsmile, Denta Spirit, Yaeason, Pofent, and Biaobang.

Our factory introduced an advanced and modernized management system, possessing a strong team of experienced and skillful technicians; managers and workers to guarantee our product quality and enterprise’s effective operation.

Our factory has been certified with the ISO CERTIFICATE.

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